Undoubtedly, I can not introduce myself to you in a few lines. But I know that if this is your first time here, it’s not bad to know a little about me.
I am Farid, born in 1999, a programmer and web developer. I help businesses provide their services online to people, I have no higher education, not going to university at that time was terrible, but now that I look back, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
The sound of the piano makes me drunk, the bitterness of coffee is sweet to me, reading a book is fascinating if it teaches me something new, and spending time with people I love dearly makes me happy. I’ve been into music for a while and I play a few instruments, I love to travel and above all I like walking (especially in the rain). Whenever my hand is empty, I look at psychology files and books.
I’m not a writer, but I love writing as if there is something inside me that wants to write! “I have nothing but my writings to understand .”
I started programming at the age of 18 and have done a few site design projects so far. I want to learn artificial intelligence soon and I dream of migrating. Programming is not my job! My life.

Farid Eghbali


I always dreamed of becoming a professional programmer so that I could earn a minimum income but also have a big programming company in the near future, but now I have come to the conclusion that programming is not just a job but a dream machine.